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Horizon:Zero Dawn – Robots

These are some of my early concepts for the robots in Horizon.

This sketches not only were a research about the shape and form of this robots but even more important, about what was the function of this machines in the Ecosystem. For example, the idea behind the Grazer was that it was able to collect and transform grass into biofuel. This biofuel was used later in the robot Foundry to print other robots. Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Grazer-robot-concept-art-Miguel-Angel-MartinezHorizon-Zero-Dawn-Scrapper-Deathbringer-robot-concept-art-Miguel-Angel-MartinezWhen the Scrapper became later a debris scavenger, we developed the jaws in the design, in order that it can rip apart abandoned materials. Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Scrapper-robot-concept-art-Miguel-Angel-MartinezThe Stormbringer was a protector of other robots, and the Strider, a long distance scout for resources.Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Stormbringer-robot-Concept-art-Miguel-Angel-MartinezHorizon-Zero-Dawn-Stormbringer-robot-concept-art-2-Miguel-Angel-MartinezHorizon-Zero-Dawn-Strider-robot-concept-art-Miguel-Angel-MartinezHorizon-Zero-Dawn-Strider-robot-concept-art-2-Miguel-Angel-Martinez