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Horizon: Zero Dawn – Trampler

This is one of the first Horizon Zero Dawn concept paintings. Much later it evolved into the Trampler robot design.Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-art-Miguel-Angel-MartinezThe goal behind the Trampler was to develop an excavator robot that uses its horns to dig rocks. The rocks get later transformed, inside of a plasma furnace, into raw materials.Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-art-2-Miguel-Angel-MartinezBecause of the design being based on a furnace, I wanted it to have a “furious” character. I added vents to exhaust the heat from the plasma oven, hoping they would made the design look like breathing through them.Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-art-3-Miguel-Angel-MartinezAt some point I started blocking the design in 3D. This 3D mockup process is the next stage on the concept process. This step it is not a race to a finished model, but a move of the concept development to a different domain.Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-development-1-Miguel-Angel-MartinezThe concept evolves and changes in many different directions, integrating the vision from art and game direction, and the input from all departments involved. Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-development-2-Miguel-Angel-MartinezIn this stage I still had the horns attached close to the shoulders. I wanted to experiment with those, unfolding in a way that is closer to a machine instead of an animal. Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-development-3-Miguel-Angel-MartinezI gave it a big heavy head, in order that is able to charge with weight against the ground or rocks and break them into parts. Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-art-5-Miguel-Angel-MartinezOn this model, still many test were done, like clearance of movements of all the functional parts.Horizon-Zero-Dawn-Trampler-concept-art-4-Miguel-Angel-Martinez