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Month: March 2016

Industrial Facility Assembly Line

This painting shows a weapon production facility. In the background a Helghast war robot is being assembled. In the foreground lines of ammunition are loaded into the cruiser that is docked on the exterior. In the painting I was looking for an strong contrast between the cold and technical light inside of the factory and the natural light coming from the exterior, like the sunlight coming into a dark and wet jail cell.

ISA Cruiser Launch Site


How to put in orbit the ISA cruisers? While developing Killzone 2, after the Cruiser design was finished, an update to the story described the cruisers being launched from a location similar to Cape Canaveral. The thrust and propulsion systems on the Cruiser were supposed to be used for small changes of position and orientation while in the upper layers of the atmosphere, just giving corrective burst of push, enough to keep the machine in a low orbit. Those thrusters were not looking adequate for the new assignment: move into orbit.


At that point into the development it was not possible to made changes into the cruiser design. The challenge was, how to move it into orbit. To provide that thrust I imagined that the ISA engineers in Killzone, may have had to improvise a solution. I came with a sort of a jetpack, that attaches on the back of the cruiser (first cruiser from the left), by means of an elevator (second cruiser from the left). A jetpack of this size should have been incredibly efficient, being that small and powerful, and still able to move the massive Cruiser into the upper layers of the atmosphere.

Damaged Stahl Cruiser

If you zoom into the image you can see some unfortunate crew members getting expelled out of the ship, due to the decompression, through the holes in the hull. I imagined that this objects coming from inside, will be propelled through these beams of light (coming from the lighted cruiser interior), into the darkness of Space.